Dr Paul and Mr Moon: Unique Throw Vegetables Radish Festival in Spain

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unique Throw Vegetables Radish Festival in Spain

Unique festival Throw Vegetables Radish Festival in Spain
In many parts of the world has a unique tradition of the festival, one of Spain's. In the festival's Jarramplas Piornal city residents abuzz with vegetables radish attack.

Hundreds of residents there stoned a man wearing a devil costume with 15 thousand horseradish. The figure of "devil" is called Jarramplas worn by one of the youths selected villages. The young man who served as Jarramplas this costume made ​​of colorful cloth mask has horns and a long nose.

During the event Jarramplas will be around in the streets of the village while beating the drums to call people. That's when the residents are allowed pelted with turnips round like onions. Residents will continue to attack until Jarramplas cornered in a church there.

This annual event takes place every 19 to 20 January at the Saint Sebastian Day in the village of Extremadura, west of Spain, home to 1,500 residents. Despite going on for centuries, but it is not known the origin of this festival. Presumably this tradition relates to penalties for cattle thieves by American Indians or punishment by Hercules in Greek mythology.

In the modern era the meaning of this tradition is a symbol of the expulsion of something bad. Jarramplas denoted as the source of the problem as pengusirnya end radishes. Not only radishes, Spain is also popular with the annual tomato throwing festival called La Tomatina.

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