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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not All Cough Need Medicines

Cough has led thousands of people went to the doctor each year compared with other more specific symptoms. OTC cough medicine that also includes the best-selling drug.

It's clear the public is very concerned at the sustained coughing and strongly believe in cough medicine. In fact, some studies have found no link between the drug is taken with a cough cure.

Oversight bodies are melinsensi cough medicine over 50 years ago, but until now there is no strong scientific evidence to prove the drug is effective against cough.

Here are some research about cough medicine.

- Study analysis carried out in 2010 found no evidence to support the importance of the use of OTC cough medicines. These include drugs such as dextromethrophan kind suppressant or expectorant dimasuksudkan to remove mucus in the airways.

- In 2006, The American College of Chest Physicians mengeni survey examined a number of cough medicine in decades. No evidence that the drug can cure a cough caused by a virus.

It is important to understand that the research does not prove that cough medicines do not work. Instead, they found no evidence. Open the possibility that future research could prove cough medicine did help.

In the absence of such evidence, in 2008 the National Agency of Drug and Food U.S. states do not require infants and toddlers cough and cold. Pharmaceutical companies were also asked to change the label of the drug over the counter and said that cough and cold medicines only for children over the age of four years.

U.S. pediatricians also recommend that parents not give cough and cold medicines in children under 6 years old. Unfortunately, according to the latest surveri more than 60 percent of parents in the U.S. giving cough and cold medicines in children under the age of two years.

So, if the cough medicine is not effective why this drug remains in demand and popular? According to John E.Heffner, a lung specialist and former president of the American Society Thoraric, for most people cough medicines provide a sense of calm.

When we are suffering from severe cough, especially in children, we feel the need to do something to eliminate them. "If there is the-counter medicines that we can use, we will feel more control," he said.

Most people also feel better a few days after taking cough medicine so that they assume the medicine works. "In fact, it is self-limiting cough. Medication only helps a little bit," he added.

Although cough is not much help, but minor side effects, including for children aged over 6 years. But the cough does not heal within five days you should see a doctor.

Be careful in the use of cough and cold. The possibility of an overdose is very large because a person may consume more than one drug product without realizing both contain the same substance.
Its also a lot going person drinks more than the recommended dose of cough was also feeling subsides. "If the recommended dosage does not help, let alone increase the dose," he said.

In an already chronic cough, Heffner advised to try suppressant drugs. In some patients it can help.

Traditional treatments such as adding a bit of honey in hot tea is actually quite effective in relieving coughs, especially in children.

Cough is not a disease but it is actually the body's way to remove excess mucus or other irritants. But we still feel more comfortable when taking a spoonful of cough medicine, whether the drug is working or not.

Natural Ways To Treat Cough

How to Naturally Treat Cough - Cough is usually a seasonal disease. Come not picked up, home was delivered. Coughing is also a fairly mild illness, but if in let alone, it can also cause disruption to the sufferer and those around him. However, there are still many people underestimate this disease.

how to cure cough naturally

Treating Cough sebernarnya pretty easy. It only took a few simple steps and spice ingredients, cough can be lost. This herb can eliminate a lot of credible people cough. These natural recipes to cure cough suffered. Here's how to cure cough naturally.

10 Ways to Naturally Treat Cough

How to Treat Cough - Ginger Tea
In Asia, herbal tea, ginger tea, or other types of tea is often used to cope with the disease cough. One of the potent herb tea ingredients to treat cough is ginger. How to make it simple. Take 2-3 slices of ginger that has been washed clean, pour the hot tea. Should be taken two to three times a day in order to cough suffered and recovered quickly lost.

How to Treat Cough - Turmeric
Turmeric is a spice that is believed to relieve coughs. How to make is to add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and honey that has been pounded into a glass of milk. Turmeric has natural properties that can relieve cough.

How to Treat Cough - Honey and White Pepper
Try drinking a teaspoon of honey plus a little sprinkling of white pepper 2-3 times a day. This material believed to cure a cough quickly.

How to Treat Cough - Basil
Create potions using basil. Typical aromatic leaves that can overcome several diseases, including cough. Take 1-2 cups of water, 2-3 basil leaves, and boiled into one. Drink this warm concoction that cough soon disappeared.

How to Treat Cough - Betel Leaves
Way, take the betel leaves about five pieces, add cloves, cubeb, cardamom, and cinnamon. Then boil all ingredients with as much as two cups of water. Wait until the water boiled into about a half a cup. Remove and strain the water. Drink approximately one tablespoon three times a day.

How to Treat Cough - Leatherback Wuluh
Flowers starfruit also proven to help relieve cough. Take about a handful starfruit flower, then mix it with a few grains of fennel, add the sugar and a cup of water, then steamed. After a rather cold, Strain herbs and ready to drink.

How to Treat Cough - Roses
The rose was also believed to cure cough. The recipe is taken fresh roses approximately ten grams, then the team with enough water and add sugar to taste. Drink twice a day.

How to Treat Coughing - Lemon
Orange juice can also be used to treat coughs. Feelings dicampus lime juice with honey and boiled water. 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of pure honey and 5 tablespoons of steamed and boiled water for 30 minutes. Dosing to drink this potion is 1 teaspoon twice a day. Other traditional cough medicine made from a mixture jerun lime juice and soy sauce. This herb easier, lemon juice mixed with soy sauce only twice a day and drink as much as a teaspoon.

How to Treat Cough - Acid Leaves Young
Leaves Young acids can also serve to cure dry cough. Way, take half a handheld light sour leaves, sage leaves and mix with a sweet, cinnamon, and sugar to taste. Simmer over low heat until boiling and filtered. Ready to drink potions.

How to Treat Cough - Plant Serai
To treat a cough with phlegm we can use lemongrass plant. Lemongrass has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat a cough at the source, the inflammation in the airways. Herbs are very easy to be processed, how to prepare a few grams of the roots of grass, then washed, then boiled with a glass of water about 15 minutes. Once the new cold can be consumed. This herbal drink one glass a day can be taken.

Well, that's some natural ways to cure cough. This article I got from various sources that I made one. Hopefully this article can help mat and useful for those who are looking for it. Okay, good to read tips on treating cough.

Unique Throw Vegetables Radish Festival in Spain

Unique festival Throw Vegetables Radish Festival in Spain
In many parts of the world has a unique tradition of the festival, one of Spain's. In the festival's Jarramplas Piornal city residents abuzz with vegetables radish attack.

Hundreds of residents there stoned a man wearing a devil costume with 15 thousand horseradish. The figure of "devil" is called Jarramplas worn by one of the youths selected villages. The young man who served as Jarramplas this costume made ​​of colorful cloth mask has horns and a long nose.

During the event Jarramplas will be around in the streets of the village while beating the drums to call people. That's when the residents are allowed pelted with turnips round like onions. Residents will continue to attack until Jarramplas cornered in a church there.

This annual event takes place every 19 to 20 January at the Saint Sebastian Day in the village of Extremadura, west of Spain, home to 1,500 residents. Despite going on for centuries, but it is not known the origin of this festival. Presumably this tradition relates to penalties for cattle thieves by American Indians or punishment by Hercules in Greek mythology.

In the modern era the meaning of this tradition is a symbol of the expulsion of something bad. Jarramplas denoted as the source of the problem as pengusirnya end radishes. Not only radishes, Spain is also popular with the annual tomato throwing festival called La Tomatina.

Easy Ways to Cure Cough In 10 Minutes

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Stubborn cough makes the activity disturbed, especially if the cough does not go away at night. at the time was experiencing discomfort break suddenly cough up, sleep was so disturbed.

Consuming cough medicine before bed can not guarantee the cough will subside immediately. But many people choose a faster way to fall asleep, the article cough medicines usually cause drowsiness effect.
But there is a more natural way again, by reducing the intake of cough medicine, you can be more comfortable to sleep without coughing interrupted by a jolt. A method has been tested by the Canada Research Council, effective way to stop the surge coughing during sleep nightfall.

This method is claimed to be very safe for infants and children, the natural way is also shown to be more effective than medication. Sleeping more comfortable, harmless and free of side effects
The way is easy, that is by applying a balm mint in the bottom of the foot while he was sleeping, and wear socks.

Then the coughing will stop in a few minutes and you are free of the tug (cough) during your night's rest. Besides stopping cough, this method can make the body feel warmer. Potent enough for adults who suffer from a cough for weeks.